Lifescience research products

Reagents & kits
Reagents Kits
Genomics Nucleic acid extraction kits
  PCR & qPCR enzymes
  Cloning vectors & kits
  NGS Sequencing & quantification Kits
  Sangers sequencing reagents
  mi RNA Research products
  DNA & RNA markers
  Safe gel nucleic acid stain
Cell Biology Cell separation products
  Cell culture Media
  xeno free media
  Stem cell media and iPSC generation kit
  Cell culture palstic wares
  cell based assays
Proteomics Protein Extraction and Purification kits
  Electrophoresis reagents ans quantification
  Protein characterization reagents
  Western blotting reagents
  2D Reagents
  MS and Moldi TOF sample preparation
Immunology Antibodies and antibody arrays
  Elisa kits
  Flow cytometer antibodies
  IHC and IF antibodies
  Other immuno assays
Eigenetics Epigenetics research products
Microbiology Culture media, instruments
  microbials assays
  PCR Detection kits