Cistron biolab way of Business

Growing our business and delivering competitive financial results allows us to reach our goals, offer an attractive return to our suppliers and contribute to our communities, to do this

  • We set the highest standards in everything we start by implementing quality management systems which help us to reach challenging goals.
  • We conduct our business in a socially and environmental responsible way and contribute to the enrichment of the communities in which we operate.
  • We will employ technically qualified professionals for achieving challenging goals, sustaining company’s growth.
  • We seek a healthy dialogue with our stakeholders to help us develop and strengthen our business.
  • Ready for change in order to access new technologies and Market
  • We do investment in our market through educating researchers about new technologies, sponsorship for conference and research, Rewards and Customer Retention programmes.

Customer Policy

We feel our customers are greatest assets of our company and we believe in making a customer not a sale

We guarantee outstanding customer service:

  • We will be primary solution providers through highly qualified technical support and by offering Quality products from reliable Manufacturers.
  • Technical support: 24/7 Local technical support will be provided
  • Best Price with attractive gift with every order.
  • Sponsorship for conferences, Reward programmes, Workshop & Training.
  • Rapid delivery through expedited orders